Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the Client’s use of Aspen Group’s Internet Website and all associated applications, software, and other services (collectively referred to as “The Services”) available via this Website.

### 1. Use of the Website

1.1 By accessing this Website, the Client agrees to and understands the following Terms of Use.

1.2 The Trading Platform is intended for use by individuals who are over 18 years old, legally competent, and reside in countries where such use is legal under local laws and regulations.

1.3 The Trading Platform and any other services provided by Aspen Group are not available to individuals in countries where CFD trading or such services are illegal. It is the Client’s responsibility to understand and comply with local laws and regulations.

1.4 The Client warrants and represents to Aspen Group that they are legally entitled to use the Website and access the information provided.

1.5 Aspen Group reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove any part of the Website or these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice to the Client.

1.6 Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will take effect once posted. Continued use of the Website following any changes indicates the Client’s acceptance of those changes.

1.7 The Client acknowledges that the Trading Platform is independent of any Underlying Markets, and Aspen Group is under no obligation to quote a particular price or follow trading rules consistent with such Underlying Markets. Prices on the Trading Platform may differ from those on relevant Underlying Markets.

1.8 Aspen Group’s guaranteed service includes access to the online trading platform. Any additional services provided are considered benefits beyond the guaranteed services.

### 2. Access

2.1 This Website and its contents are not directed at or intended for distribution to individuals in jurisdictions where such distribution or use is illegal. The Client agrees not to use the Website in any way that disrupts, damages, or limits the functionality of any systems, including uploading harmful files or content.

2.2 The Client shall maintain proper working order for hardware and software required for the Trading Platform, prevent security breaches, and ensure appropriate protection against harmful materials. The Client must inform Aspen Group in writing of any problems or suggestions regarding the Trading Platform. Modifications based on Client feedback will be the sole property of Aspen Group.

2.3 Aspen Group aims to ensure the Trading Platform is available at all times but may shut it down for maintenance without prior notice, typically on weekends unless exceptional circumstances arise.

### 3. Disclaimer of Warranties

3.1 Aspen Group makes no representations about the results to be obtained from using the Website, Services, or content.

3.2 Use of the Website is at the Client’s own risk. Information is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

3.3 Aspen Group does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, security, or timeliness of the content, information, or Services provided on or through the Website.

3.4 Aspen Group, its licensors, and suppliers disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties’ rights, and fitness for a particular purpose.

### 4. Privacy

4.1 Aspen Group’s Privacy Policy governs the use of information collected from or provided by the Client on this Website.

### 5. Limitation of Liability

5.1 Aspen Group is not responsible for any loss, damage, or personal injury resulting from the use of the Website, any information contained on the Website, or information transmitted over Aspen Group’s system.

### 6. Intellectual Property

6.1 All trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on the Website are the property of Aspen Group or third parties. Nothing on the Website should be construed as granting any license to use any trademark without written permission from Aspen Group or the relevant third party.

6.2 Clients may download content for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use requires prior written permission from Aspen Group. Content transmitted to the Website becomes the property of Aspen Group.

### 7. Links and Advertisements

7.1 The Website may include links to other websites or resources. Aspen Group is not responsible for the content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.

### Client Agreement

This Client Agreement is between Aspen Group and the individual or entity that applies to open a trading account on Aspen Group’s trading platform.

### 1. Introduction

1.1 This Agreement and any related documents govern the terms upon which Aspen Group will deal with the Client in placing orders and trading financial instruments on Aspen Group’s CFD trading platform.

1.2 Trading in CFDs involves contracts based on the price movement of underlying assets. Returns are fixed at the outset of the trade.

1.3 Opening an account and using the Trading Platform is by limited license, personal and non-transferable, for individuals over 18 years old. Clients may not transfer access codes to others.

### 2. Opening of the Trading Account

2.1 Aspen Group will open a Trading Account once a financial deposit is made and the Client agrees to this Agreement.

2.2 The Trading Account will be activated once funds are identified. Aspen Group may impose limitations and requirements as needed.

2.3 Aspen Group may act as principal or agent in transactions. The Client confirms they act as principal.

2.4 Telephone conversations may be recorded for evidence. Aspen Group will keep records for at least five years.

2.5 Clients consent to receive automatic email notifications for account security.

### 3. CFD Trading Platform

3.1 The Trading Platform allows CFD trading in various financial instruments. Quotes are based on international capital markets.

3.2 Predetermined payouts are based on whether a CFD transaction expires in-the-money or out-of-the-money.

3.3 The Company does not guarantee that trading will be available at all times.

3.4 The Client authorizes Aspen Group to rely on orders or instructions given by the Client.

3.5 Aspen Group may set limits and parameters on orders and transactions.

3.6 Actions based on arbitrage or exploitation of system errors are prohibited.

3.7 Aspen Group may cancel trades due to errors or malfunctions.

3.8 Clients can view their trades and account status via the Trading Platform.

### 4. Funds

4.1 The Trading Account is activated upon the Client depositing an Initial Deposit. Aspen Group may request documentation to confirm the source of funds.

4.2 Funds can be transferred using methods permitted by Aspen Group and will be managed in specified currencies.

4.3 Deposited funds serve as security for transactions. They do not accumulate interest.

4.4 Repayment of funds will be in the same currency and to the same account from which they were transferred.

4.5 The Client declares that transferred funds are not from illegal activities.

4.6 Aspen Group is not responsible for delays or discrepancies from financial institutions.

4.7 Withdrawal requests are processed after identity verification. Minimum withdrawal and deposit amounts apply.

4.8 Aspen Group will debit the Client’s account for payment charges. The Company does not provide physical delivery for transactions.

4.9 Client accounts must be verified within 90 business days before processing withdrawals.

**5. Account Verification:**

5.1. In adherence to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies, Aspen Group requires all account types to undergo verification up to 90 business days before processing the first withdrawal.

**6. Fees & Charges:**

6.1 Aspen Group charges a clearance fee for all executed trades.

6.2 Deposits made to Aspen Group via Credit Card or Wire Transfer are not subject to fees from the company. Any fees charged to clients will be from their respective banks.

6.4 Aspen Group reserves the right to introduce additional fees and charges and may change existing fees and charges at any time.

6.5 A quarterly fee of $75 is applicable to all accounts maintained with Aspen Group.

**7. Bonus Policy:**

7.1 Aspen Group may offer various reward features, including welcome bonuses, contests, and awards to new or existing customers. Bonuses and trading credits rewarded to clients are part of the Company’s promotional programs. These bonuses are limited-time offers, and the terms and conditions associated with any bonus rewards are subject to change.

7.2 Bonuses and profits derived, even partially, from the use of bonus credit shall be forfeited in case Aspen Group suspects any act of fraud or breach of the Company’s Terms and Conditions by the client.

7.3 To withdraw funds from an account credited with a trading bonus, the trader must execute a minimum trading volume of (bonus amount + Deposit) x25.

7.4 Funds can only be withdrawn once the preceding stipulation has been fully met and fulfilled.

7.5 Under the “7 days guarantee campaign” or all insured money campaigns, insured money is replaced with bonus money. Bonus money must meet specific trading requirements before being eligible for withdrawal. The 1st deposit amount needs to be traded 15 times to be eligible for withdrawal.

7.6 Bonuses come with terms and conditions requiring clients to fulfill a trading volume before their trading account becomes eligible for withdrawals. For a position to count towards the needed turnover, the trade must remain open for 24 hours.

**8. Privacy and Data Protection:**

8.1 Aspen Group holds some personal client information due to the nature of its business and relations with clients. All collected data, whether on paper or computer, is safeguarded to maintain client privacy under Data Protection laws.

8.2 Aspen Group may use and/or disclose client information for internal use, including with affiliated entities, as permitted or required by law, for protection against fraud or unauthorized transactions, or to protect the Company’s rights or observe any applicable law.

8.3 Clients grant Aspen Group permission to use their details to provide updates, information, or promotional/marketing materials through their provided contact information. Cancellation of this consent can be done by providing written notice to Aspen Group.

8.4 Aspen Group may record all conversations with clients and monitor and maintain records of all emails sent by or to the Company. Such records are the property of Aspen Group and can be used, among other things, in the case of a dispute between the Company and the client.

8.5 The Company may share commissions and charges with its associates, introducing brokers, or other third parties (“Affiliates”), or receive remuneration from them concerning contracts entered into by the Company. Such Affiliates of the Company may be disclosed with client information.

**9. Accounting and Payments:**

9.1 Deposits or withdrawals will be reflected as Balance transactions in the account history.

9.2 Payments will be disbursed to the Client upon request, in accordance with the details and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

9.3 Clients acknowledge that Aspen Group may deduct taxes or fees, including tax source fees, owed according to regulations, with no claims against the Company.

9.4 Clients using credit card transactions are limited to one card per account.

**10. Partners Account:**

10.1 In multi-owner accounts, all owners are collectively responsible as per the power of attorney utilized by Aspen Group. Notifications to one owner constitute notification to all, and orders from one owner are considered orders from all. In the case of multiple orders, the last one prevails.

**11. Agreement Expiration:**

11.1 Aspen Group reserves the right to supersede the expiration of this Agreement at any time, with immediate effect upon notifying the Client.

11.2 Upon termination of this Agreement by either party, all open deals must be closed immediately as per Aspen Group’s requirement.

11.3 After Agreement termination, Clients are prohibited from opening new deals or executing financial orders without Company approval.

**12. General:**

12.1 This Agreement and its schedule-appendix override all prior communications between the parties.

12.2 Changes to this Agreement require written consent between the parties and have no expiration date or cancellation without such consent.

12.3 Clients are prohibited from transferring or assigning this Agreement to any third party.

12.4 The preamble of this Agreement is an integral part of it.

12.5 Paragraphs, titles, and subtitles are provided for readability and are not for commentary purposes.

12.6 This Agreement is applicable only to adults aged 18 years and above.

12.7 Clients consent to receiving messages and announcements, including advertising material, from Aspen Group.

12.8 Diagrams in Aspen Group’s books are considered accurate and affirm all included information.

**13. Bonus Terms and Conditions:**

13.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all bonus promotions referenced or listed on Aspen Group’s platforms, affiliated sites, or distributed via electronic communication.

13.2 Bonuses are applicable to one account only and cannot be transferred between accounts.

13.3 Clients must trade a minimum volume of the bonus amount divided by 4 (four) to withdraw bonus funds.

13.4 Failure to meet the requirement within 60 days (44 market days) from the deposit date will result in withdrawal of the bonus amount from the Client’s account. In case of a margin call, the Company may wait for the Client to deposit additional funds or close positions.

13.5 For instance, if an account is funded with $1000 and receives a $200 bonus, a trading volume of 50 lots (200/4) is required to withdraw bonus funds and profits.

13.6 Bonus deposits are not pro-rated, and trading volume requirements must be fulfilled to redeem the entire bonus and profits amount before withdrawal eligibility.

13.7 Profits can only be withdrawn once the minimum trading requirements are met. Clients may not withdraw trading profit funds or bonus funds until minimum trading requirements are fulfilled. However, they may withdraw deposited funds at any time.

13.8 Clients agree to these Terms and Conditions by accepting the deposit bonus. Aspen Group reserves the right to change the bonus policy terms with prior notice to Clients via website postings or email.

13.9 Trading volume calculations apply only to FX products.

13.10 Bonuses received will not exceed 100:1 leverage on trading accounts.

**14. Withdrawal Policy**

Withdrawal requests are processed by Aspen Group’s finance department. Withdrawals are typically processed within the first 30 days of request opening, with exceptions considered for special requests. Clients must supply full compliance documentation (passport copy, valid utility bill, and sometimes a copy of the credit card used for deposits) to be eligible for withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 by credit card or equivalent fiat currency, with no withdrawal fee for credit card transactions.

**15. Refund Policy**

Refund requests are processed within 10  business days, and approved refunds may take an additional 5 to 7 days to reflect in the Client’s account, depending on the bank. Clients receiving a credit bonus must fulfill specified trading volume requirements before withdrawal. Failure to meet these requirements may result in withdrawal cancellation.

For disputes or complaints, Clients can contact Aspen Group via chat services, email, or telephone, and the Company will process the dispute within 48 hours.

**KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy**

Aspen Group maintains a zero-tolerance fraud policy and implements various security measures to prevent fraudulent activities. Clients are required to provide certain documents, including passport copies, credit card details, and utility bills, to ensure transaction integrity. Failure to provide required documents may result in withdrawal cancellation.

The Company appreciates Clients’ cooperation in maintaining a safe trading environment.

**Arbitrage Trading Warning**

Arbitrage trading, exploiting technology “holes” for risk-free trades, and abuse of bonuses or swap-free accounts are strictly prohibited. Aspen Group reserves the right to remove illegally obtained profits from Clients’ accounts without opposition.


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