KYC Policy

Know Your Customer (KYC) policies have become increasingly crucial worldwide, particularly among banks and financial institutions, to combat identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, and terrorist activity.

Aspen Group maintains a zero-tolerance fraud policy and employs all possible measures to prevent fraudulent activities. Any detected fraudulent activity will be thoroughly documented, and associated accounts will be promptly closed with the forfeiture of all funds.


Aspen Group is committed to safeguarding the integrity of sensitive data, including account information and transaction records, through various security measures and fraud controls. To secure electronic transactions, we require certain data from our clients, such as their preferred deposit method. When requesting a withdrawal, clients may need to provide proof of identity, including:

– A color copy of a valid Government-Issued ID (e.g., passport, driver’s license, ID card).

– Color copies of credit/debit cards (front and back) with specific details covered.

– A copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement (not more than 3 months old) with the client’s name and address.

All documents must be clearly visible with no alterations. If the cardholder’s name does not appear on the card, official evidence of ownership is required.

Failure to provide the necessary documentation may impact the level of security provided to the account and may delay withdrawal processes. Aspen Group conducts private background checks, in compliance with AML rules under FATF regulations, to verify the identity of clients.

Clients must ensure they can confirm their identity by providing the required documents. Failure to do so may prevent the activation of an account with Aspen Group.

When to Provide Documents:

Aspen Group follows regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding document verification. Clients are urged to provide all necessary documents promptly to avoid transaction delays. Documents must be provided before cash transactions can be processed.

Failure to supply required documents may result in pending withdrawals being canceled and credited back to the trading account.

Document Submission:

Clients can upload scanned documents or high-quality digital images in JPEG format through the provided channels.

Security Measures:

Aspen Group maintains a robust security infrastructure to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of client documents. All received files are treated with utmost confidentiality and encrypted at the highest level throughout the review process.

We appreciate your cooperation in making Aspen Group a safer trading environment.


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