Privacy Policy

Aspen Group prioritizes the privacy, confidentiality, and security of its clients throughout their interactions with the company and beyond, to the fullest extent possible.

When clients register with Aspen Group, they acknowledge their willingness to share certain private information with the company. This information is used to confirm the client’s identity and ensure the security of their deposits and trading account, in accordance with our stringent verification procedures aimed at deterring international money laundering and safeguarding our customers’ trading activities.

Clients commit to providing true, updated, and accurate information about their identity, affirming that they are registering and trading on their own behalf and not engaging in any fraudulent activities or impersonation.

Aspen Group collects clients’ disclosed information and utilizes cookies to gather data about their interactions with the website, all aimed at ensuring customer security. All data collected is shared only with individuals within the company involved in verifying customer account information to maintain confidentiality and security.

We will never disclose any private or confidential client information to third parties without the express, written consent of our clients, except where disclosure is required by law or necessary for verification analysis to safeguard their account and personal information.

By registering with Aspen Group and engaging with our products and services, clients consent to the use of their provided information concerning their trading account and interactions with the company. All interactions are stored for record purposes and may be used by the company in the event of disputes.

Aspen Group implements data protection procedures to ensure client confidentiality and regularly updates its data protection policy to safeguard clients’ confidential information.

Periodically, Aspen Group may contact clients by phone or email to offer further information about binary options trading or financial market trading, or to inform them of unique promotional offerings. Clients consent to such contact when agreeing to our terms and conditions upon registration. Clients may opt out of further contact by contacting the company via phone or email and requesting no further communication.


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